These days, Google is looking at the content you put on your site a little bit closer. Actually, they are looking at it much closer. They check signs that the writer is a person and the content is not generated by a mill full of writers who use keyword stuffing tactics. They have stricter rules when it comes to spam and have developed much better methods for detecting if an article is unique and informative.

content marketing

There are a lot of reasons why having great content posted on your site on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get recognized. Most of these you should be familiar with, but it’s always a good idea to remind yourself why content is important.

It creates repeat visitors

When you offer your visitors information they can use and entertainment that makes their day a little more fun, your website will get more attention, and more repeat visitors.

Google not only notices the amount of visitors that you have going to your site on a daily basis, but they take notice in how many people are coming back over and over again. It’s important to get people to your site, and just as important for people to want to come back. Once you lose a visitor, it can take a lot of time and money to get engage them again.

It shows unity in social media and your website

You want your online content to flow seamlessly with your voice on social media. This gives you a strong presence everywhere, and when you have people liking and sharing you on all avenues, you have more conversion rates. Google will take notice of that and rank you a little higher.

It shows that you are using good SEO tactics

When your content is grammatically correct, engaging, and informative then you are already ahead of the game. Good SEO companies will work with you to make sure that the content put out there reflects you and your company, but is also informative for a general audience.

When online content gets too specific, it can lose some of its everyday visitors. People love to scan articles and run through them quickly, while still get the general message they portray.

It gives you insight into what your clients want

When you put content out there, you will get a little feedback, and it doesn’t matter if that feedback is good or bad, because you learn something from it either way. You learn what your visitors like, and what they don’t.

This is crucial when running a business. As your company develops, gathering any information on your customers likes and dislikes will get you further than if you only did what you liked all the time. While some articles are great to you, it may be over your customer’s head, or not what they need to know. Focus on what they want to hear and you’ll go far.

Remember to be patient

SEO doesn’t happen over night, and if it does you should be a little concerned if you haven’t done anything to provoke such as posting a video that has gone viral. Be leery of companies that promise to get you ranked on the top page of Google with very little effort.

While there are many factors that go into hiring a great SEO company, content is an extremely important one. Having an open line of communication and how you want your voice to be reflected on your website is important, but understanding your customer base and what they want to read is the most important element when it comes to the words you put out there.