5 Quick SEO fixes that you could implement NOW

Search engine optimization is one of the hottest topics to discuss both in the tech world and in the business kingdom. That’s because SEO could make or break your brand. If you invest wisely and considerably in Harrisonburg VA SEO, you could get your products or services across to a larger number of people. If you have considered SEO to be a costly affair, and something that is time-consuming, this is just the article for you, as these fixes don’t require you to invest a lot of money and if you happen to be a web developer yourself, you can get most of these changes implemented all alone. Here’s a list of really quick Harrisonburg VA SEO fixes that you could get done by yourself and in no time at all

Fix Your Headings

Harrisonburg VA SEOFirst off, if your website or blog doesn’t have enough headings, think of relevant headings and type them right away. Be wise when it comes to choosing your heading. Make sure that you include at least one of the keywords of your website (or of the main idea that you wish to promote) in your heading as this tells Google that the content under your heading is something related to your keywords and this will help you climb up the rankings.

Learn to Socialize

Including social buttons on your website or blog does not necessarily help you to increase your ranking. On the other hand, by making it easy to share content on your website (to other social networking media), you gain brand awareness. People look up your brand more on Facebook and Twitter and this will translate into more google searches for your products or services, and the more the number of searches, the heavier Google will value your website, and you know what that means don’t you?

Work on your URLs

Do your best to include the right keywords in your URLs. Keep them as short as possible and please, keep them clutter free. Cluttered URLs are a big no-no to Google, and you will face the consequences if you hesitate to fix them. Working on your URLs aids Google in comprehending what’s on your page and that will increase your Harrisonburg VA SEO points.

Provide value

This is the number one rule in entrepreneurship. Your goal should be to create value (from your products or services) rather than look to make quick money. If you’re successful in achieving the former, the latter will follow. Similarly, look to provide value to your customers. Look to provide external links to other informative sites which are rich in high-quality content. When users visit those highly reputed sites as a result of tunneling through your website, Google views your website as a source of valuable information and will give you a higher ranking.

Flatten Your Site Architecture

Strive to create as much as a flat architecture as possible. Architecture is just a fancy word referring to the organization of your web pages (individually). By spending some time in sorting out your navigation mechanism, you could make your most important pages accessible (from any page on your website) in less than 3 links. That means if it takes you less than 3 links to reach the more significant pages, you’ve got a good, flat architecture.

Those were 5 super-quick fixes which you can implement right off your couch. SEO can help you expand your business faster than any other way. So, make Harrisonburg VA SEO one of your top priorities as you try to generate more sales and acquire happiness.