Over the years, it has become very easy to buy a website and start building on online presence for your business. And while the act of putting up a website may be easy, the job of maintaining a proper site is actually more complicated than many business owners think. Your web design is going to play a huge factor in your success online, and may even hinder future success if you don’t have the right design. Here are a few ways that your web design may actually be hurting your business.


It’s hard to navigate

When it comes to a design, if you overcomplicate the look and make it difficult for people to find the next tab to click or don’t know where to go next other than the homepage, your bounce rate is going to be high. And that means that people are going to visit one page, and then leave. You want a design that will draw people in, and then keep them their because it is easy to find what they are looking for. Have a call to action that is in plain sight so there is no question of where the visitor should go.

It’s not unique

When you have a web design that looks generic, it can be a turn off to visitors. You want a design that is unique to you and the business you are promoting. Your website is a reflection of what you do, and if it comes across that you don’t care and you come across as spammy, then you aren’t going to keep people on your site. It takes a lot of hard work to make your online presence a positive one that people trust, so take the time to do this because it’s worth it and you will see that in sales and conversions.

It’s not responsive

If your website is not responsive yet, then you need to get on board – now. People are looking for you on all of their devices, not just a home computer anymore. And more people are searching for the services they need while they are on the go. Having a responsive web design that is easy to navigate on smart phones and tablets will get you more conversions. Plus, Google has changed it’s algorithm, so if your design isn’t responsive, it won’t get that positive recognition you need from search engines.

You don’t keep it fresh

Keeping your web design fresh and with the trends of 2015 is going to get more recognition from search engines than if you let your site just sit once it has been built. You don’t want to find yourself getting buried by the search engines, unable to be found.

You are doing it yourself

So you are running your business, your personal life, your offline marketing strategy, and now your website which includes a blog, social media, images, content, and complete awareness. Involving a professional to design and run your website is one of the best choices you can make. This ensures that you can focus on your business and not spread yourself so thin that you are unable to perform any of the tasks at the level they deserve.