A Beginners Guide To SEO Keyword Search

New to digital marketing and search engine optimization? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at what Harrisonburg VA SEO (search engine optimization) and Keyword search is?

SEO and Keyword Search

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the process that affects the results of any search engine and determines which website shows up top when a word is typed into a search bar. Harrisonburg VA SEO

Keywords are the words people generally use to search for something online. In the digital age of today we are all heavily reliant on search engines for information regarding anything and everything. So when you go online and type in a word, phrase or paragraph in a Harrisonburg VA SEO, it is called the “keyword”.

Sufficient knowledge about these keywords helps your business a great deal in modeling online marketing and content strategy.

How to develop effective keyword search range to aids Harrisonburg VA SEO strategy.

First step is to get to know your business, what you are selling and how your audience will search for you online. Make a list of the products and services you are selling as well as other generic topic that might come close to your product/services. Do not be specific or limit yourself, be as generic as possible.

Try to think from your audience’s perspective, what are the things that you want to sell and how will your audience look for you online?

Add keywords

Now that you have a list of products and services it’s time to throw in key words. Try to come up with as many keywords for each item on your list as possible. This is important because your target customer will be looking for products service same as yours in more than one way.

Make Separate Lists Of Short And Long Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords comprise of two to three words e.g. “wedding wear” whereas long tail keywords are three to seven word long phrases and sentences e.g. “luxury wedding wear designers in affordable prices”. Hence you must phrase your short listed keywords in different phrases and sentences in order to acquire a healthy search result.

Know Your Competitors

Learn about your competitors, research on them and the keywords they are using and not using. However keep in mind that your product/service is unique and it is not necessary that what your competitors are doing is applicable to your work too. Also keep an eye out for the keywords they are not using, you might find something they are missing out on.