Medical Doctors Digital Marketing knows Everything

Marketing; truly the most evil thing on earth. Well perhaps that is hyperbolic but can you imagine the kind of soulless individual who works in marketing? The creatures who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. The monsters who promise so much and provide absolutely nothing. Is it the creators of ‘No Man’s Sky’ fault it was the worst thing that ever happened or is it the fault of marketing for promising a game that would just stop short of adding people to the Matrix? Today there is something even worse than marketing; Digital Marketing for medical. While marketing creates only costs and broken promises at least you can avoid it. But Medial doctor Digital Marketing is insidious, it seeks you out, it targets you. It comes in many forms and, if you use a phone or computer, is basically unavoidable.

Types of Medical Digital Marketing

 Digital MarketingDigital media comes in many forms. The basic kind is simple banner ads on webpages, pop up ads and video advertisements. These though can be ignored and are not particularly clever. There is then social media teams that run Twitter and Facebook accounts, these can interact with people and respond to events quickly. This allows them to seek out people and talk to them directly in a way old marketing could not. But this is not the most invasive kind of marketing. There is search engine optimisation, this is where a webpage uses algorithms and keywords to make them appear in common internet searches. Then there is the marketing that buys your search history so it can send targeted advertisement to you directly.

How To Avoid It

Throw all your electronic possessions into the sea. If you have a phone or computer they will collect data on you and market to you. Companies using digital marketing can direct message you through social media, email, text message or simply make their advertisements appear in your internet searches.

Why Are They Doing This?

As previously stated these people are monsters, but the real reason is to boost sales, gauge public opinion and build brand awareness. As people consume more and more media online companies have to adapt. TV and print media advertisements are no longer the best ways to market to large audiences. They also do not allow for targeting of individuals the way digital marketing can. Also digital marketing can provide much quicker feedback. Responses to new products can be gauged immediately online and companies can interact with customers immediately. Digital marketing can provide 24 / 7 customer support which is important in building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

So if you are involved in selling a product or service you are going to want to be familiar with digital marketing. If you are just and ordinary user of digital media then you should know it is not just the government that sees every website you visit, massive companies know what you do behind closed doors too. Still think it is not evil?