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The Facebook ad platform provides some of the most cost effective and precise demographic and behavioral targeting out of any marketing platform whether it’s traditional or digital (which is why the company has a market capitalization of $300+ billion). Since many businesses do not leverage Facebook’s fantastic ad platform, there’s a clear opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive advantage on their local competition, which is still stuck implementing old-school traditional marketing strategies.

The Facebook ad platform offers a rich, diverse, and deep level of targeting options. Two of the broad areas include Interests, and Behaviors, which then can be further segmented geographically (among many other segmentation variables). But let’s see how this targeting works, how laser focused you can get with your Facebook marketing, and how it can benefit your lead generation.

Postcards, flyers, and local community papers are still standard tactics for creating awareness. But traditional marketing will be far more effective if it’s integrated with online tactics.

Today consumers need an average of 12.4 sources before making a purchase decision (source: Think With Google). What that tells us about consumer behavior is that multiple impressions are important to maintain mind share and push people closer to a purchase decision. What do the majority of people do when they get a postcard promoting a service? They toss it in the garbage! What did that single impression cost? It was the cost of the postcard and its distribution so probably somewhere between $0.20 – $0.65.

Why not extend the reach and impressions by implementing Facebook ads that will reach those same people?

If you’re going to blanket a zip code with postcards at least integrate complementary Facebook ads promoting your services to the same zip codes – this will produce “lift” in response to your postcards. Preferably you would start your Facebook ad campaign slightly before your postcards drop, and continue to run them for a time afterward.

If you want to gain a strong competitive advantage over your slower, less sophisticated peers, Facebook ads are one fantastic way to grow your business and local market share.

The three tactical ad strategies presented above are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more targeting options. With Facebook, you can be incredibly targeted and endlessly creative in how you reach your audience. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you! If you need help with your local Facebook advertising, we can help. Please call or email today and find out how we can help you win in your market.