Facebook is a popular marketing tool that dentists have seen great results from. However, if you find that your Facebook campaign isn’t getting the outcome you’re striving for, but you’re still sinking money into it, it’s time to change it up. Here we look at 3 Facebook tips that can help a dentist get in front of their ideal patients so that you can save time and money, while still gaining valuable leads.

#1: Consider Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are surprisingly avoided by many professionals because they can seem complicated and appear to take up too much time. However, the truth is, Facebook will send those ads to the people that make sense for what you are advertising.

For example, perhaps a person that is located in your area has been looking up information about dental implants. When you have a Facebook ad that targets the keyword dental implants, the social media site will notice this when it crawls the different profiles and put your ad in front of the person searching for your service.

Not only is this convenient for you, but it makes it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

Another great feature of Facebook ads is that you will have a variety to choose from like Pay Per Click and Cost Per Action, and this will help you refine your marketing strategy and budget even more.

#2: Use Facebooks preferences to your advantage

You may not realize just how much information you can get about your ideal patients from Facebook. Because the site determines the interests and preferences of its users, you will discover that you can use this information to create ads and choose keywords. You can find out the age group and gender of people looking up a cosmetic dentist, where they are located, and even things like education level and yearly income. You can then use this data to design your Facebook ad.

For example, if you are a cosmetic dentist, you may find that women over thirty make the majority of appointments, and they may be your current target market. However, with further research, you may learn that men over 30 that have a yearly income of $60K and work in an office setting have the second most interest in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Now, you can adjust your marketing plan to include this segment of patients that you were missing out on before.

#3: Continue making adjustments

While Facebook can feel like a tedious marketing task to a dentist, you actually have an incredible opportunity because it moves so fast. Unlike traditional forms of marketing like ads in the yellow pages or a commercial on the radio, you aren’t stuck with it for the duration of the publication or the amount of time you paid for. When something isn’t working, then change it, and test the new results on a daily basis.