With Google getting more involved in the popularity of social media, it’s becoming more important to put yourself out there. No matter what business you are in, what age you are, and what your level of skills are when it comes to sharing, you need to know more.

Social Media

While some people have predicted that social media is going to fizzle out as quickly as it torched it way on to the scene, this is not the case. Social media is not going away, and in fact its presence is only going to get stronger. Here are a few ways to get ahead of the game and start using social media to your advantage.

Know what platforms to focus your attention

If you know your clients, then you know where they like to hang out. This is where you should focus a great deal of your activities. If you don’t know where they are, then you are probably missing the mark on a few key elements that will help make you successful.

Pay attention to where people are sharing, and where they are not. Be sure you are putting helpful and entertaining clips out there for people to look at, and make everything as brief and memorable as possible. If you are interacting with people and paying attention to your accounts it shouldn’t be hard to know what they like to see. If you don’t have time to promote your business in this manner, it’s probably time you hired someone who is willing to spend the hours to get it done right.

Be open, without being intimate

When it comes to social media, you want people to get to you in a way that is more personal than what a company website is willing to provide. But there is a fine line between being an open book, and dumping your whole purse out on someone’s lap.

It’s okay to be funny and let your personality come out, but you don’t want to overdo it. Putting one tasteless thing out there can give you the kind of publicity that could cause a negative impact on your company. You want to be witty and smart without being offensive and insulting.

Branch out

There is a lot more than Google+, Facebook, and Twitter out there. If you have a strong presence with these social media platforms already, it may be time to look into the next big thing. This will not only keep you on the forefront of what is happening when it comes to social media, but you can gain some new visitors and another marketing outlet that you didn’t have before.

Don’t sell, just suggest

Being in marketing, you should already know: No one likes to be sold. So if you are constantly pushing your products and services on social media, then people are going to get numb to it, or just frustrated with it and stop paying attention. The thing to remember here, is once you people lose interest in your company it can be very hard, and expensive, to get them back. So be sure you are keeping the relationships you already have and building on those with more topics than just your business.