The days of being able to hide behind bad SEO tactics are over. Social media has taken a backdoor approach in order to get Google to take notice of its ability to impact where we search online. Now, you are seeing that social shares have an impact on ranking. And that’s a great thing.

If you are passionate about SEO, and always want to be on the forefront of what search engines are setting their gages to, you need to start understanding the importance of using social media for ranking, authority, and exposure.

search engine optimization ranking

Ranking. A social media share is the link that keeps on giving. The key here is to get a big company with a lot of followers to socially share you, at least a company bigger than yours. For example, if you’re marketing a wrinkle cream, you would obviously want one of the authority sites to share you. This will noticeably increase your rankings. But, if you are just getting started, then begin locally. This can be the best way to gather an understanding of how your communities operate, where they hang out, and then target those platforms with your energy and optimization skills.

Authority. You need to have more than just a ho-hum approach to become an authority in your niche. If you tweet a few times a day, and throw a couple of things on Facebook, that’s good for you because that’s what makes social media fun. In order to make it productive, you want to establish your presence, and let it be known you have knowledge.

It’s important to do this in a creative and engaging way because it isn’t something you can fake very well. People will notice if you aren’t into it and doing it mechanically.

Exposure. What better way to get organic exposure than social media? This allows you to grow naturally and word of mouth has been a number one approach in business marketing since the invention of business marketing! You’ll want to have a smart plan when you’re ready to grow your social media exposure, and take the procedure seriously.

Be smart when sharing.

It’s important to be informative and entertaining when you are putting yourself out there. The key in sharing is your content can’t stink. Be sure you include topics that people relate to, even if they aren’t directly in your niche. You want to interact in your communities, and don’t be too stingy when it comes to sharing what others have posted.

The best way to become a wiz when working with social media is to get started. If you have noticed that your target audience is using Twitter more than Facebook, then focus your efforts on Twitter, even if you have never used it before. You want to teach yourself what excites people when it comes to your niche, as well as general topics. Keep a chart of what you have found enlightening. And most importantly, represent your client, employer, and yourself, in the naturally honest way that people tend to flock towards.

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