If you work in the SEO industry, then you know that the trends are ever evolving. They haven’t stayed the same since the beginning of online optimization. With search engines changing the way they rank, social media becoming a bigger factor, and marketing on online becoming a must for every business, it seems that we will continue to see change in 2015. Here are just a few of the ways the industry is going to shift this year.

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Keywords won’t be as important.

While keywords will still get you some results, most people have changed the way they search for information online. In order to find anything these days you have to get pretty specific. That’s why when you are writing content for the web, as well as for your audience, you’re going to want to focus on specific phrases that are popular in your niche.

Basically, the idea here is to get better at communicating with your visitors. If you want them to be able to find your website, you don’t need to know what word they are looking for, but how they will phrase it in a sentence.

Think of all search engines.

While Google has been on the map as the most popular search engine for some time now, you can’t forget about Bing, Yahoo, and a few other up and comers. They are going to try very hard to have a bigger presence this year, and people are starting to use them more often.

Quality is going to overcome everything else.

When it comes to links, content, design, and services, in the end this year, if you aren’t building organic traffic, then your site just won’t get very far. All search engines want to guide people to websites that have real conversion rates, not build in comments and links that are strategically placed to help with ranking.

Social Media will be a game changer.

Social media is becoming the ultimate marketing platform, and with more people jumping on board than ever before, you will want to make sure it is on your radar. It’s a fast way to get ideas out there, know if your target audience likes the ideas, and you have a new medium for connecting with people. It’s really a smart addition to your website if you don’t already have social media. If you do, it may be time to take it a little more seriously and get actively involved in it.

It’s time to think local.

Another thing that is becoming increasing popular is focusing your online efforts towards your local area. It’s great to be able to reach a worldwide audience, but not everyone really needs to. It may be in your best interest to scale it back, and start gaining notice from the town you live in first, and then go from there.

Plus, when it comes to a local focus, you already have a connection with the audience you are trying to reach. You share the same restaurants, entertainment, museums, and markets, so why not use that to your favor? It’s not only wise, but it’s actually in demand right now.