Search Engine Optimization a Search Engines Best Friend

Surely we have all been there at one time or another, sitting at the computer and trying to search something we can’t find. You might find something close, but not what you are looking for. Yet you know there has to be something. In some cases, that is because we don’t put something in right. In other cases, what we were looking for was not optimized properly. Meaning it is not popping up or not coming up where it should.

Searching for a What?

Looking for something you may not remember the exact name for could be a chore. However, if someone has utilized the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for that item you should find it. There are links and keywords used in SEO, the keywords can contain key points that you may remember instead of a name.

The search engine searches for what you put in the search box. So the more information that is put into your SEO work the better the chances your site will have of getting pulled up when someone pulls up something that relates to it. So if it is not relevant to the inquiry then it will not be pulled up leaving you in the dust.

Popularity and Relevance Go Hand in Hand

There are two things that a search engine derives all its answers from. That is the popularity and relevance of a website. Popularity actually takes second place to relevance. So the more things the site has to offer when matching the inquiry, the higher up on the list it will be. Once the search engine has the sites in mind, then it sorts them on the popularity factor.

The relevance part of the aspect is most important for obvious reasons. Popularity is important because popularity is based on how many others found that same site helpful or how many times that site has been visited. After all, if people keep utilizing a same site over and over, they must be doing something right.

How Does a Search Engine Choose Popularity and Relevance?

Of course the search engine is not a human; it is done by a computer. So a computer thinks and calculates by mathematical equations. There are many variables that the search engine takes into consideration. That way it can give you the best and most correct results that it can.

Once the inquiry is sent through, the search engine searches through all the sites that match any of the words used in the search inquiry. Once it has determined the best ones, then that is when it calculates the popularity ranking. Which in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also known as ranking factors