Stay Ahead – Digital Marketing Trends To Follow in 2018

Leave the competition behind and bring your digital marketing campaigns to a new level with these trending tools and channels this year.

Bet on live video

digital marketing Harrisonburg VAThe previous year has already brought about the rise of this new tool of digital marketing Harrisonburg VA but it is this year that we will see it booming, driving traffic and monetizing it. We now have a number of new channels at hand. It was last year that Facebook introduced the new feature of live streaming. The same opportunity can be taken advantage of from a YouTube channel. The most remarkable example, however, is undoubtedly Snapchat. The platform has taken the social media by storm last year with its short-lived content and an expiration date put on it. In today’s world where time is one of the most valued commodities, a teaser to your upcoming campaign with a time limit on it will give your customers a sense of exclusiveness. This increasingly popular practice of real-time marketing will increase your customer’s experience and keep them hooked and returning for more.


This piece of digital marketing Harrisonburg VA advice may actually not be new at all but it has just entered a whole new level. The major player in the field of personalization is now definitely Pinterest. The platform allows you to target people based on their personal interests which they pin to their virtual post-it boards. The newest Pinterest feature known as animated pins puts the users in control of their experience by playing videos only when they scroll and stopping the recording as soon as the user stops scrolling leaving it for them to decide whether they want to watch it or not. The first campaigns run with the new feature last year proved to bring outstanding results.

Have your customer “work” for you

A traditional form of marketing known as the so-called whisper marketing has been driving sales for centuries, regardless of the industry. Have the power of word of mouth work for your profit by enabling your customers to share their experience with potential buyers. One effective way of giving consumers a voice is user-generated content. Another example of customers marketing a brand is viral content. Create exceptional content your followers will eagerly share and this way grow your target audience for you.

Drop the conventional

Forget the rules. With today’s social media saturation with advertising content, thousands of brands compete for a few seconds of any user’s attention and get more and more creative in this fight. You can now advertise on Instagram, sell on Facebook and “google” on Twitter. Adapting quickly to those changing trends and experimenting with new, unconventional tools and solutions will be the key to the success of your digital marketing Harrisonburg VA strategy for 2017.

Tear the walls down

Coordinating a campaign across different platforms promises a way more engaging experience. This year create a multi-channel experience for your customers by putting a number of different social media channels at work together to make sure you target them with the right message in the right place and at the right time.