Things to avoid to NOT Lose Your Rankings

 Nobody wants to type its own website in the Google search and find out that the ranking has dropped, especially if you it is not even on the first page anymore. All of us know that, even if there are people who get to the second page of Google search – it is only because they are looking for something really important and rare. Take help from SEO Agency Harrisonburg VA to keep your ranking.

SEO Agency Harrisonburg VAIf your website is ranked in the top of the search engines that means you are doing your job well, your site is rich with relevant content and you have good SEO techniques. However, it does not mean that you have finished you work in the optimization field and can sit and relax. Nothing lasts forever, so your rank will not be the same all the time and it is normal but in order to not have serious dropdown in rank, you have to stay in the game and avoid some things:

Redesign And Other Website Changes

Redesigning a website and making some changes that will help your visitors with navigation and having better experience when browsing through your website is definitely a good thing but it takes some risks in terms of ranking. The migration needs to be done properly by using all the tools needed to help search engines understand what has happened, especially if your links change after the migration. The advice is to do some research or hire a professional who could do this for you in the best possible way. SEO Agency Harrisonburg VA can help you to keep it good.

Deleting Links And Pages

If you have an insight in analytics of your website performance (and you definitely should), follow the results on how each of your pages rank on search engines. Some of the will be more popular than others, so make sure that links are working well and that all the inbound links properly. Deleting some pages and content that contained keywords (and other information that made Google rank your website in the top) will cost you a lot in this ranking race.  You need SEO Agency Harrisonburg VA for good results.

Not Caring For Changes

People change over times and the same situation is with internet because the internet is the people (in an algorithmic way). A couple of years ago, people were using their mobile phones to call someone or send a text message. Today, they are using computers just for the things their phones can’t do and the list of those things is getting shorter rapidly. Therefore, as more people use phones for work, search engines tend to help them with that and adjust the results accordingly by constantly making changes in its algorithm. This means more changes in the ranking and you have to stay up to date in order not to be out of the game.

People have even changed the way they search for things which means that you might consider changing or adjusting the keywords you used before and update them into the present terms. Don’t let people search for your business without you in the business. It’s very important to keep track of what people rank in their lives in order to be able to avoid to not lose your rankings on their screens.