Using a Search Engine Optimizer for your website

Big search engines regularly twerk their algorithms to ensure that they provide the best service for users and most importantly to avoid manipulation by websites and blackhats alike. The SEO Marketing Harrisonburg Virginia optimizer rules change all the time and it is essential that businesses learn how to keep up with the ever-changing rules of the game. There is no need to give up and pay for optimization just up your game. Here are a few tips to make sure that you do not get left behind in the New Year.

 User Experience

SEO Marketing Harrisonburg VirginiaUser experience (UX) is being used as a key factor by search engines for optimization. That means improving on that front could send a lot more traffic your way. An overhaul of your website from how it looks to the content could tremendously contribute to user satisfaction. If it was not working last year chuck it out and rethink your model. Its early days yet and restrategizing now could lead to more business this year.

Rich Answers Over Keywords

Flooding your website with keywords might have worked last year and might get you by this year but that tactic won’t get you far in the future. Search engines are moving towards optimizing websites that deliver the richest answers so no more strewn keywords all over a page that don’t have an accompanying satisfactory answer.

Relevant Information

Following in the same vein as that the requirement for rich answers in search engine optimization is the need for websites to provide relevant information to the users. Keywords that are not even associated with the information that was required will not lead to optimization.


Link your article in other pages and even utilize pay per link to drive traffic from other websites to your own.


This is a key factor. Search engines now ignore dodgy sites that are not properly protected or that will not ensure security for users. It is always important to provide up to date security for your website so that user information is not stolen by unscrupulous lurkers out there. If they are any links on your page they should lead to trusted websites only. This reduces the risk of being overlooked for optimization.


Do not sell malicious software on your website or allow it to be there. Its a sure way of dropping off the grid completely. Just don’t, it’s not worth it.

Mobile Experience

Provide a friendly mobile experience for users who want to access your site through their mobile platforms. More users search for answers using their mobile platforms nowadays. Optimize your website on mobile platforms as well.

No Redirecting

Your page should never ever redirect. It is a no for SEO Marketing Harrisonburg Virginia

Updated Content

Continually update the content on your page with rich content that users will be interested in doing in reading. That in it will lead to popularity and by default more SEO Marketing Harrisonburg Virginia optimization. Begin the New Year on a winning note and get yourself out there.